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this is a garden

(currently on the festival circuit) (yes intentional lowercase)

Beth and Eden drink stolen beer in a cemetery while they wait for their friends to show. After they become cognizant that they’re relaxing over a dead person, they start to muse on what it’s like to be alive after a loved one is gone.

Ongoing list of festival selections and awards:

- My True Colors Festival, New York

- Pittsburgh Uncut

- Indie Oaks Film Festival, Pittsburgh

- The Lift-Off Sessions, Atlanta

- AltFF Alternative Film Festival, Vancouver (Winner, Best Cast)

Butt Stuff

(in post-production)

A man's  sex toy, a sentient butt, becomes jealous when its owner forms a relationship with a human woman.

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Harness Magazine

Home for the Holidays: A Light-Hearted Survival Guide

What to Do When You Bump Into Someone from High School at the Mall

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Harness Magazine

Another Light-Hearted Holiday Survival Guide:

What to Do When Gifts Go Wrong

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Harness Magazine

Taking Sertraline, Month 1

April Yanko

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