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Pulling the Plug on Mom

About the Film

Film Details

Dark Comedy | Absurdist | Sketch

Duration: 4:46 minutes
Language: English

Ages: Above 13

Production Company: Artie the Augury

(Pulling the Plug on Mom is currently in its festival run and is not available for public viewing just yet!)

A woman gathers her sisters to tell them she’s going to pull the plug on their mom…who is not in the hospital.



Jill Bradshaw, Maggie Gagliardi. Cecily Gish, Rachael Klein, & April Yanko

Production Design
Kayla Riplon

Written and Directed by
April Yanko

Justin Wested & April Yanko

Graphic Design
Justin Wested

Kayla Riplon

Edited by
April Yanko

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