April Yanko

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Cinderella Won't Wake TF Up

*please note this is not the standard formatting for this sketch and all shared sketches. This is simply a limitation with the Wix blogging tool. But also I don't want to take the time to code every post to look perfect because I'm doing this every damn day.

Cinderella Won't Wake TF Up


Cinderella is sleeping in bed. She is fucking out cold.

A bird comes in from the window in a real chipper way to wake Cinderella up. The bird waltzes over to the bed whistling.

The bird goes to poke Cinderella.

Cinderella groans.

The bird picks up Cinderella’s pigtail and sings a little tweet into her ear.

Cinderella swats at the bird. Maybe some contact is made.

Cinderella rolls over and puts the pillow over her head.

The bird is getting rather frustrated but is trying to maintain her chipper disposition.

She climbs into the bed with an irritable Cinderella.

A last wake up attempt is made, this time a little “last-effort” sounding.

Cinderella fucking loses it. She grabs her pillow and starts beating the bird.


Get! Get out! Get the fuckoutmyhouse!

The bird gets shooed out like you would a fly.

Cinderella crawls into bed and goes back to sleep.

A beat as she snuggles in.

Outside, the bird pushes her face against the window with longing.