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poster for a film called Butt Stuff created by April Yanko


Behind the Scenes


Does this film have sex in it? Nope! There is brief implied sex, but nothing is shown that would terribly offend (unless you’re upset by the sight of legs). Does this film have nudity? Nope! I wanted to keep Cassie a butt because butts = funny, but genitals = pornagraphic (or can, at least). We were going for the "butts = funny" angle, so you will find no visible privates in "Butt Stuff." Is this film about (including but not limited to) butt plugs, porn, farts, dildos, phallic vegetables, feet, BDSM, incels, stepsiblings, getting stuck in a washing machine, or is a tribute to the movie Teeth? No.


Written and Directed by
April Yanko
Justin Wested & April Yanko
Allison Marie Reyes
Rory Ross & Nikki Neuheur
Art Direction
Kayla Riplon
Jason Sealy, Elena Falgione
& introducing Cassie the Butt
Caleb Fischer
Lead Puppeteer
Benjamin T Wilson
Production Companies
Artie the Augury
VisionRey Little Pinwheel Productions
Score Composer
Anthony Lucca
Mark Scubbia
Graphic Design
Justin Wested
Justin Wested & April Yanko

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