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Hello, my name is April Yanko and I am an actor and writer living in Los Angeles. I am a lover of cats and eater of pasta. I share internet things by the name Post March. "Post" means after, so my name is "after March," which should answer the question, "Is this a Post Malone reference?" (rather than focus on what I share, I want audience to think about, understand, and then appreciate my riddle username).

Here are some super fun facts about me, the one with the face:

- If you know Pennsylvania, I am from Johnstown, land of floods. If you don't, I am from Pittsburgh, land of potholes.

- I went to the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center where I learned how to create in all aspects of theater AND how to do it while concussed.

- My first guest star was on a show called, "Murder Made Me Famous," where I played serial killer and evil Canadian Karla Homolka, part of the Ken and Barbie Killers.

- Since graduating Point Park, I've been in over 70 student films and over 30 other projects (I want to say the opposite of student film is "adult films" but that doesn't seem right in this context).

- I narrate tutorials for VEXcode Robotics so maybe I've explained to your kid how to update the firmware of their V5 Brain.

- My first self-written/directed/produced short film, "this is a garden," won "Best Cast" at the Alternative Film Fest in Vancouver (and I'm one of two actors in it so that's pretty good).

- My next short film, "Butt Stuff," is currently in post. It's about a sentient sex butt that is jealous of its owner's relationship with another human.

-  My first feature with a starring role, "Force to Fear," forced me to learn a lot of fight choreography and how to properly condition my hair after the 80s style tried to fry it off of my head. I was nominated for Best Actress in a Feature at Genre Blast for it, and we picked up their award for Best Cast.

- I've completed all levels of Sketch at UCB. Recently finished multiple Sketch levels at the Pack Theater.

- During college I created a Feminist Collective, served two years in Residence Life, and worked at the library as a professional shusher.

- Sure I have a BA in Acting; but more importantly, I have one in PR and Advertising. Just marvel at this website my degree taught me how to make.

- My favorite voice actor is Jodi Benson and I think if I met her I would accidentally pee myself (much like her most famous character, Ariel, did when she turned into a human).

Some other random tidbits:

- I love all pastas equally.

- My eldest son is a black cat named Artie. I recently adopted two more sons, another black kitty named Hurley (after the Lost character), and an orange kitty Persimmon (or Percy).

- I am incredibly fond of Futurama and the Powerpuff Girls.

- I am in the middle of four dnd games.

- All of my Neopets are alive and well.

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